Thursday, October 05, 2006

A non-sequitor arrangement of musings which follows me whining about something or other.

Rain? Rain? But it's October, dadgummit. October's always the unseasonably pleasant month on our usually foggy penninsula. I'm not going to take this sitting down. I've only got a few weeks back and I'm not spending them bemoaning the fact that all my shoes have holes in them. Thankfully though, the weekend promises to be beautiful. After all, we've got the Bluegrass Festival this weekend and Mother Nature plays a mean lap steel.

Now then: enough about the weather. That's what people talk about when they have nothing to talk about. It's the classic awkward first date conversation: "So, how 'bout that sunshine?" when he'd rather be saying "So, how 'bout you take off your shirt and/or pants?" We're going to move along. I don't want this to be any more uncomfortable than it already is.

A few random notes today:

- LOST was pretty good last night...ok, who am I kidding? I was giddy during the first twenty minutes. Perhaps it was the wine. Particularly enjoyed the beginning, where all the Others were living in that tropical Levittown and then the plane crashed and then, as we know, island-themed madness ensued. As usual: more weirdness, less answers. As usual: Jack is annoying.

- I just saw a pidgeon with a limp do the Crip Walk. I wish the guy from American Beauty could've been there. Bag in the wind, my ass.

- Apparently, there's a lunatic in Atlanta who wants her child's school to ban all the Harry Potter books under the premise that they "promote the Wiccan religion." Here's the part where we all shake our heads and look dissapointed. I think she also wants to ban Curios George, as he promotes mischief and Clifford the Big Red Dog because he promotes large canine redness. I know: let's just burn all our books and have our kids watch Judge Joe Brown seven hours a day. They'd certainly know a lot about unpaid bills, Devry, and conosolidating their debts into one easy monthly payment. I've sent her an email of undying support.

- There's a show at the Rickshaw you should check out tonight if you're a San Franciscan. The Ex-Boyfriends, our studio neighbors and all around wonderful musicians are playing with Bound Stems from Chicago. And it's Thursday so the weekend starts (unofficially) today. Everyone knows Friday is for aggressive avoidance of anything that remotely resembles work. Might as well do it with an earache and a hangover.

- Lastly, I'd like to give you some erudite political insight. Ignored in this whole Mark Foley debacle is the incontrovertable truth that Dennis Hastert is a scary fat man who looks like a cross between Jabba the Hut, a turtle, and Drew Carey.


kasi said...

Firstly, it's been raining here (in Toronto) for the past two weeks, with the temperature dipping down to six degrees (celcious) at night. Today however there are people walking around in shorts (24 degrees). October, although a beatuiful month for colour changing tress, sucks for weather.
Second, my dog walks with a Crip limp. It's a trick I taught him to do as a puppy. Good times. And as far as the crazy mother wanting to ban Harry Potter...are you kidding me? I'd love to see kids practicing Wicca. Endless hours of fun in their room, not out on the streets. No need to pay their cell phone bills, 'cus they would always be home. Sounds like a plan to me.

birdmonster said...

Kasi: Couple things.

1- Wish I could've visited Toronto. However, a mustachioed border patrol man told me I could not.

2- In San Francisco, the trees are legally required to not change colors ever. It's rather sad.

3- Your dog = cool than me.

Anonymous said...

does anyone like jack? i certainly hope not.

kasi said...

BM: The nerve of that patrol man!Too bad you weren't allowed in to Toronto...we have TONS of Gummi pink bags.

Miskaj said...

Yea sad about that Foley isn't it?But the truth be known about ALL of the guys there (Dems and Reps.) I bet he isn't the only one with "skeletens in the closet" or anything else for that matter! LOL!
EVERYONE has "garbage in their own yard" if they dig deep enough they will find it! Really nice site and glad I dropped by! Thanks for sharing with me! I am so glad there are people like you around! There are a lot of Christians (people) who "fret and worry" over every little thing and to do so is also known as DOUBT and to be in doubt is not to have the faith that GOD gave unto us so therefore it is SIN! Wow! What a grabber huh!? Yes, GOD says that we are "full of seed". Pregnant is the word HE used for us. All we have to do is allow HIS word to come forth in us and we bring forth HIS children in us (HIS FRUITS) and we become more like HIM in all we do and say! You know the days are passing very fast as GOD said that the "time shall be shortened" in the last days, remember? Well we are there and the last days are upon us, so these days keep turning into weeks and weeks into months and years before we know it, they're gone again and soon there shall be no more as we know them! You know though if you stop and think about it and recall the pleasures of heaven and the peace it brings and all of the love and joy that abound in HIS presence, and if we are HIS child, then WHY should we fear it? Some people do fear the end! It should be the very greatest blessing to us! Something to be "looked forward" to with greatest excitement! Well, you stay safe and be blessed and I will pray all will be well with you always. In HIS love, Katie

birdmonster said...

Anon: I always thought Jack was supposed to be a character for whom you were to feel sympathy. Wow---what a poorly constructed sentence. Or, rather: That was a sentence which was constructed by a construction which was poorly conceived and also equally poorly executed.

Glad to have you on my hate train.

Kasi: He was rather nice about it. But I still hate him. Don't torture me with tales of Gummis. Our entire tour was a gummi-less escapade of sadness. Actually, it was lovely. But conspicuously lacking in gummis.

Sabrina said...

I love the rain.. It Makes me want to stay home and sip coffee in my pj's while baking cookies.

Are you guys playing at the Warfield on the 18th for sure? $50 a person will be a waste if you're not there. I'll bring family, friends & gummi's.

kasi said...

BM: I apologize, as my intentional mention of the Gummi was only to give you a glimmer of hope for when you go back on tour and actaully make it to Toronto. Now you know to make this place your first stop (so you can stock up for the rest of the world and it's nongumminess).

rachael said...

those first 10 minutes restored any doubt i had about this season not living up to past. i'm easily convinced when it comes to the show, but that shot of ethan made me so happy to see him again, even if he was really creepy stealing babies.

don't you think it was a little too quick that henry gale/ben started shouting out orders after the plane crashed? how would he know people would survive? the plane split in two, hmmm.

jack is annoying. and going a little bit crazy.

all i wanna know is who that kid was that got out of the cage, and why if i had to chose sides...i'd go with the others. i love this show.

birdmonster said...

Sabrina: Regular tickets are just $10. And yes, we're playing. There will be copious merriment.

Kasi: You're right. I must look on the bright side. I'll bring an extra suitcase for the gummis. To Canada!

Rachael: There you are. I knew I could tempt you with LOST. To answer: Fenry Gale is the man, that's why. The kid is...who knows. I bet a baby they took a while ago. Just a hunch. And what the hell are they doing to Kate? I hope she goes apescat on non-beardo.

Sabrina said...

yeah but $10 gets you trapped at the top balcony. I like the lower part with the counter (for leaning/standing support since there's that $50 minimum tab) by the bar with view of the very nice bartender with all the tattoos.

Patiently awaiting Merriment!

emmy said...

Rain, true. But it's supposed to hit the 80's this weekend. At least in the east bay it is.

And I don't know anything about "Lost". I do know that Dancing with the Stars is stellar this season. Emitt smith knows the moves! Yeah, baby!

rachael said...

i dont know why, but i like zeke too. i'm sure you are taken aback by the sudden loss of his beard. it's okay, i am too. i kept on asking if that was really him.

he seems nice, no? okay, maybe that's just me.

kate must have not wanted to eat with good ol fenry, which i think was a poor decision. that food looked much better than the fish cracker. and her wrists probably thought the same.

locke? eko? they better be alive.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that Hastert looks sort of like Cartman from last night's episode of South Park. Cartman AFTER he got really fat by playing hours and hours of WoW.

SOL's view said...

Love the whole randomness and whining thing.

Course, haven't got a clue when it comes to LOST. I don't think we are up to the same level here in Oz. But then, I don't usually watch it either. Sorry BM, not because I don't like it, but because by then, it's getting past my pumpkin hour and I have to be abed. Like I should be now - I am working hard trying to avoid work.....

SammyMarie. said...

Why, does it always seem that there is a crazy middle aged woman somewhere hating on Harry Potter? Really, is the book that horrible?
Found your blog on "blogs of note". I've spent that last 5 minutes laughing my arse off. Good job.

Gasoline Hobo said...

a) i think that people who don't like harry potter are really just prunes in disguise.

b) i've never seen lost but i understand that a hobbit is involved in some way.

c) i will be in toronto next week. if i see a border man with a mustache, i'll shave it off for you.

Anonymous said...

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dicconzane said...

Rain? Try coming to the UK.

As for the book thing. They also wanted to ban spanish books as it might give comfort to illegal immigrants. They withdrew that one.

As An aside on that, They wanted to ban Harry potter for its connections to Wicca and Witches. Christians have long feted C.S. Lewis for his writings such as the screwtape letters and his bringing of a story following the principples of the resurrection and second coming to kids. What was that one called again? Oh yes... 'The Lion, The WITCH, and the Wardrobe.' hmmm

The Big Kahuna said...

Dear Sirs:

Rains is not always a bad thing, although I understand how you feel. On another note, unfortunately, Mr. Hastert's predicament is not one to be taken lightly, as he will only continue to expand! Let's hope he does not block out the sun.

Keep up the great "blogging."

birdmonster said...

Clare: Good call. I'd like to remove turtle from my list & add extra-fat Cartman. I refuse to budge on Jabba or Drew Carey.

SOL's view: LOST is actually worth a trip to a video store for season 1. It's rather fantastic. In fact, I lied on the couch after dental surgery & watched nearly 7 hours worth. I was on copious painkillers, however. Might have something to do with...something.

SammyMarie: No idea. Stay away from my Potter, though. I take it rather seriously. I hope that woman gets Avada Cadavra'd.

GH: a) obviously. b) the hobbit needs to die. c) send the trimmings to me in a small brown sack.

shrishk: I have little to no knowledge of html. I pay a high schooler in India to do all my coding.

Dicconzane: Doesn't that sound like a fun place to live? All that book banning. It'd be like entering a little mini-facist state. Little Brother, if you will.

Big Kahuna: I like rain. I don't like rain in October before the niceness. Hastert survives only on Cheese Whiz, congeled fat, and dog food. Just a rumor though.

Anonymous said...



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