Thursday, January 22, 2009

A brief something before a long something

I'm here at work, patiently crafting the story of our journey to Sundance, a tale that involves Wynona Judd, urban camping in a Mormon stronghold, aggressive I-Spying of "That Guy"s, and the Stephen King-esque horrors of driving through an ice fog. But, since the following request is time sensitive and I don't think I'll have the Saga of Utah finished till later this week, I thought I'd shoot this out now.

We here at Birdmonster are up for a vote to be in regular rotation over at MTVu, the last MTV station where the "M" stands for "music" and not "massive-amounts-of-bros-with-shaved-chests-braying-at-each-other." We'd love it if you could help out and share some love. Like is here.

Thanks. Further, funnier, Utah-y-er subjects shall be discussed post-haste.