Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Semantics and World Domination; Also, Mezzanine tonight. I'm going to keep reminding you.

I hesitate to call this my last day of work. No, I've done that before, and it didn't turn out so well. I was eating dried pasta and playing dice in Minna alley, turning my winnings into cans of Steel Reserve. Then I came back. There was a distinct tail-between-my-legs sort of feeling for a week. So, no. I'm not quitting. I'm going on sabatical.

See, the wording is the important thing. It's all in the context: Bill Watterson went on sabatical; Richard Nixon quit. Who do you have more respect for? You know, I think if Nixon would've just said "I am not a crook and, by the way, I'll be taking a break for a month or so---gotta clear my head" it might've just worked out for him. He could've said how he enjoyed not being president more than actually being president and just phoned in his resignation from the Virgin Islands, sipping a drink with a little umbrella, maybe slapping the heiny of an underage poolboy. I think we can all agree: it would've been better that way. So I'm not quitting. Not yet anyway.

With whatever vocabulary I choose, the reality is this: I will not be returning to work tomorrow. I'll be recooperating. Tonight, need I remind you, is our CD release show at the Mezzanine, and we're going to end up happy and blotto. This usually means depressed with a headache the next day, but I doubt that'll be stopping anybody. We'll be on around eleven, but the three bands before us are all good and all quite different. So it's worth it to show up as early as you can. Me, I've got to be there at four. That's right: seven hours. Birdmonster will be able to get in a game of Risk beforehand. I am determined to own Europe, or at least continental Europe, by the time Seventeen Evergreen is soundchecking.

After tonight, we're going the rest of April going North with Division Day (check out their link on the right, by the way. They are glorious) and we'll be doing some more touring in May, which I'll talk about when it's time. For now, I hope you can come out tonight, for our first non-rain-drenched San Francisco show since, oh, I don't know, 2004. Remember, it's only $5. We're a cheap date. Just don't try & get fresh.


Bill Walton said...

Throw it DOWN Birdmonsters!!!

birdmonster said...

I've spent five minutes trying to properly respond to that. In the end, let me just say that I cackled loudly at my desk and freaked out several neighbors, who thought I sounded like the Witch from Oz.

tall lanky east bay jew said...

I believe that Bill Walton's best quote from tonight (Clips and Mavs) was..."Hakeem Olajuwon is still living...prominently" How exactly does one live prominently? I asked the Lord (read: Google), and the Lord only gave me 10 results for "living prominently" all arbout some tribe living in Nagaland.

But I digress.

The original point of this comment was that you should go for the Western Hemisphere. The secret to domination lies in the Americas. Both of 'em.

birdmonster said...

I'm sure he also used the word "TEERRR-ible" at some point when it wasn't really necessary. The man's mouth lives in his ass.

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to world domination is known only by a large-headed lab rodent and his erstwhile sidekick, Pinky. But we'll try this whole "taking over the Americas" thing in a couple years.

Dahlgren's Daddy said...

Ahhh, Bill Walton.

Nice guy. No really, I know him and he's a nice guy. He is, however, a TERRRR-IBLE announcer who gave us one of the worst sports lines of all time..."throw it down _______!"

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