Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tours, shows, non-essential information, and Foreigner. Always Foregner.

You know that Foreigner song? "I Want To Know What Love Is"? That was in my head when I woke up this morning. I'm finding it impossible to not sing it right now. In fact, it's probably in your head by now too. ("...I want you to shoooow meeee"...) You might think that's a bad thing, but you'd be wrong. Side note: Zach & I were talking a few days ago, trying to figure out the subtle differences between Foreigner and Journey and Styx, but we couldn't come up with a hard & fast rule. The conclusion? Dennis DeYoung is evil, Tommy Shaw is God, and the guys from Foreigner hate sleeves.

So, tomorrow is the big CD-release shindig at the Mezzanine in suddenly sunny San Francisco. I'm glad it's not today, because the only thing people can talk about today is 100th anniversary of the earthquake. Excuse me, let me capitalize that: The Earthquake. To commemorate this event, they kicked everyone off the bus 7 blocks early & made us walk to work. Why? There was a parade.

In four hours.

Yeah, I'm confused too. So, rather than compete with the centenial anniversary of the worst disaster in city history (which, oddly enough, people are celebrating), we're playing the following day. And it's only five bucks, so bring your cheap friends. Then, we wait a mere two days before us and Division Day (see link on the right---you know you want to) head to the Northwest for a week. I hope that, in the end, we've formed a single, 8-man-super-band in which I play the washboard or the accordion and all the lyrics are in Spanish. Either that, or we play a bunch of shows together for people in the higher latitudes as seperate entities. No matter what, you win.

Alright. So, tomorrow. You'll be there? That's sweet. We'll play your favorite song, then.


Anonymous said...

Who needs sleeves when you got a shark tooth necklace?

zara said...

The difference is that Journey kicks all their asses. Steve Perry, oh Sherry - luv ya.

I wasn't supposed to say that out loud.

Anonymous said...

"the subtle differences between Foreigner and Journey and Styx"

Foreigner is the kid in high school with the denim jacket and the feathered hair who smokes Marlboros and drives the primer spotted Camaro, but then it turns out he's not really one of those people 'cos his dad owns the biggest Cadillac dealership in town and they live in a big house. Kid's just rebelling is all.

Journey is the guy who stars in all the drama productions but isn't obviously gay. All the girls like him and so the guys have to pretend to, even tho' they don't.

Styx are the dweebs who shove their dweebiness in everybody's faces, but somehow missed turning that into cool (like Devo).

A useful musical litmus test is the choice of keyboard instrument: Foreigner--piano or distorted B3, Journey--clean B3 and Styx--the most retarded sound any synth they own makes.

Oh and Steve Perry's voice has at least a glass cutting octave more than the other two.