Thursday, April 20, 2006

So this is what Lawrence Welk feels like

I got up at the crack of 1 this afternoon, a little groggy but damn smiley. Last night's CD-release shindig took a lot out of us all, especially some part of my knee, and we're looking forward to a day of pre-tour laundry, tire changes, and all the other preperatory duties necessary before living in a van for a few weeks. In other words, we'll be running errands. So, rather than talk about today, let's wallow in the past. Shall we?

We want to send a heartfelt thanks to everyone who spent a too-late Wednesday night with us, celebrating, drinking, and who probably all hate me because of that whole "crack of 1" comment I made a paragraph ago. To the Mezzanine, who basically gave us the run of the place, did their usual phenomenal job with the sound & lighting, and taught us that there are kinds of champagnes that aren't Cook's. And, as it turns out, those taste better too. We really don't have much to say except give our thanks. It was, at the risk of sounding Hallmark-y, a really special night.

Damn, that sounded Hallmark-y.

Anyway, sometime sappiness is just what the doctor ordered. And I'm feeling sappy. In fact, I'm feeling like hippies pretend to feel: all full of love for all things. I'm like the Dali Lama over here, except slightly taller and with way more hair.

There's a few things that must be said about the coming weeks. One is that we leave with Division Day tomorrow for about a week (in which I think we play ten shows) and then come back to The City to play with Art Brut at the Great American Music Hall before tagging along with them for four or five shows. So, May 1st is our next time home, but then we leave the next day. The bad part about that is that we're going to have to reschedule our Oakland show & our Amoeba instore, which we're currently doing. Apologies to anyone who'd planned on attending this far in advance and, our promises that we'll be at both places in the near future. Maybe I'll dress up like that guy in KISS with the cat make-up as a way of apology. Ok. Probably not. The tour page on our website will be all straightened out by tomorrow, so you can plot again at that point. And if you live in Kansas: watch out! We're coming, and we're bringing our flying monkeys with us.

Beyond that, I want to just re-send my thanks. I could call out tons of people individually, who've been either unbelievably supportive or energetic or helpful in myriad different ways, but that would need it's own blog and would be a damn near unreadable list of much-deserved ass-kissings, so I'm going to abstain, if only for everyone's sanity. Thanks again. I need a bath.


ali. said...

"that guy in KISS with the cat make-up" is peter criss, by the way. :)

birdmonster said...

Thanks. I was too lazy to consult the Google oracle this morning.

"I got Ace Freeee-ley and I got thatguyinthecatmakeup; waiting there for me; yes I do; I do"

ali. said...

you don't need the google oracle. you have ME!!!

frosty said...

great show, guys. i have some super-crappy phone-cam pics i'll post soon (but at least they're artistic in that super-crappy phone-cam way).

Anonymous said...

Hey - unrelated note, but is there ANYWHERE online that I can buy your new album via PayPal?

It appears that CinderBlock doesn't offer it.

I am in Australia and would like to PayPal - it's the easiest way to buy online...thanks in advance if you can assist, thanks for your great music and keep up the great work.

Disclaimer: If it IS able to be PayPal-ed, I apologise in advance for my stupidity.

Anonymous said...

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