Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, that's that

After three fruitful and incredibly loud days at Grand Master, we're done with the basics. Hell, we finished early. Robert Horry would be proud. Right now, cords are being detangled, the dashing and helpful Andrew is transferring the last couple tracks of the day onto the Birdmonster hard drives, and a warm plantain sandwich is on it's way. Yet again, all is well with the world.

Of course, much is left to do. We're taking it a song at a time at Brad's: vocals, overdubs, and harmonies for a new song every day of the week.

In fact, that all starts tomorrow. We'd originally planned to take a breather tomorrow, but everyone's got that nervous excitement going, so we're going to smooth the songs out tomorrow & choose one to start on. I figure I can talk about 'em a song at a time while we're hashing out them out, since I haven't really typed about any of the individual tunes yet. I figured a big long list would've been boring, right? Right.

Honestly though, we couldn't be happier. Recording seems to be a process which has always run over time for us and this time, we finished her up early. In fact, I'm paying to type this right now. At least I'm enjoying the ambiance one last time. Tomorrow, we're land lubers again. I hope I don't get that weird quesy thing again. We'll see.


Dahlgren's Daddy said...

My dad wants his hat back.

Ben said...


I e-mailed you guys about getting a copy of the EP, but never heard back. Any help?


Anonymous said...

Will there be copies of the EP for sell at Spaceland, and what are the chances of getting you guys to sign it?

cameron said...

yo fools rock for reals

cant wait for the lp i will be first in line for reals

birdmonster said...

Anonymous: Both chances are 100%
Ben: CD Baby has them, but it's easier and we make more if you can make it to a show. Of course, I have no idea where you live, so that might change things.
Cameron: Thanks.
Dahlgren's Daddy: It's in the mail to Chicago.

I even did that alphabetically. Be proud.

Anonymous said...

Robert Horry can suck my twangy twangy. But I still love you guys.