Monday, January 16, 2006

I love yellow curry

I'm back in the ship's cabin. And the sailing's just fine.

I started this post maybe 5 hours ago and foolishly closed the window, as usual, forgetting to save anything I wrote. We didn't lose the great American novel though. I promise. And you know what? It was for the best. When I was typing it, I was merely recapping yesterday's exploits and yammering about today's plan. There was one good joke about the chili burgers we ate, but it's not worth reliving. I'll just say this: "Don't eat at Tommy's." Now, the plan has actually come to fruition. I'm not just predicting anymore. I mean, I just cackled maniacally. You should have heard it.

Zach posted some pictures he took around Grand Master below yesterday's post. Yet, no flowery bidet. The man needs a talking to. They do this place justice though. Truly strange. It's like an old shoe. Does that even make sense? I think I'm reaching that point where my brain turns into a soggy paste. I think I should go eat some Thai food. Which smells delicious, by the way.

Last thing: We're going downstairs now to record the eighth song. To our unending surprise, we're actually ahead of schedule. In fact, there will be computer time later tonight. To the galley.


Dahlgren's Daddy said...

Zach...the photos kick ass

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you still going to be at Spaceland on Jan. 30th? You're not on their calendar:

birdmonster said...

Yes. we are playing at Spaceland at 9pm on Jan. 30th. It's gonna be rawesome.

JAX said...

with sound team should be radimous.

what no rockinsider in your blog roll.

Im speechless. truly truly...speechless