Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We picked up the last of our instruments, cords, and doodads at Grand Master this morning, shook Andrew's hand and were on our way. After copious errands, we made it home to finally listen to the songs in a new room, outside of the studio, with a minty fresh brain. They're better than I remembered.

Which is odd. I mean, in the studio once you hit a song, you leave it behind, only vaguely remembering how good or bad it was. Those three days are a bit of a distorted mush for me, so listening this morning screwed the noggin back on. The big thing is, they sound like us. That was something we felt we missed on the EP, I think. People that have seen us live know what I'm talking about.

And in the end, LA was a good choice. Sure, there's that whole choking smog-of-death thing, that billboard overload, no pedestrian kind of vibe to the place, but it's not home. It's not San Francisco. And as much as we love it there, doing this out of town was the best decision we made. It didn't necessarily have to be Los Angeles, but there aren't any nice studios in Reykjavik, so we went with option two. I mean, this is a self-funded operation here, people. We need focus. I get too cozy in the foggy confines of our fair city.

Also, please forgive the laziness with the pictures. Today was a pajamas sort of day and what we accomplished would have translated to a bunch of photos of five guys around some tape & computers, which, in turn, would have translated to you passing out from boredom at your desk. So, you're welcome. Tomorrow's the good stuff anyway. See you then.

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robot mark said...

there are plenty of good studios in reykjavik. You just obviously didn't try very hard.