Friday, January 20, 2006

I've never spent this much time in Los Angeles straight. One thing I like is that everyone knows directions to everywhere because walking is illegal. I also like that I get to see billboards of the movies no one will ever see. They're making a Curious George movie, I now know. That book was way too intense anyway.

So, today we started overdubbing and vocals. The meat and potatoes of the CD remain the live stuff, but the sour cream and chives are rather fun too. We tackled Balcony this afternoon and evening, which is a country-ish one with a melodica. I even got to play the banjo, which everyone loves. It's like the two dollar bill. I defy you to hate the two dollar bill. And hey, Peter just finished the vocals, so we're moving right along. Everyone's still motivated and I have yet to devolve into the mush-brained weirdo I can become after this much music. I guess we've got another couple weeks down here, so there's plenty of time for my noggin to fill with paste, but right now: a-okay.

We had dinner tonight with Mark from Music for Robots (linked over there. On your right). He's a fine chap and he took us to a place with Monte Cristos on the menu, which, in case you don't know, is the sandwich equivalent of a religious epiphany. It was strange being outside of the studio atmosphere. I felt like I left the quarantine. I think I have hives.

Oh yes. And Zach posted some new pictures below the last post. We decided to save some from Grand Master since scenery will become nice and monotonous for the next couple weeks. So enjoy. And keep leaving comments. We like comments.


Tall Jew Mike said...

Thank God for Birdmonster and Boalt's WiFi connection. What would I do in my oral advocacy class at 10 AM on a Friday without you guys? I can't handle statutory interpretation this early. It hurts my brain.

I crave LP.

And you are so right about the 2-dollar bill. I nearly laughed out loud reading that. Which would have been bad. Because there's nothing funny about researching a right of publicity case about a bobblehead of Arnold.

katherine buckley said...

wow guys, good job! katie b.

birdmonster said...

Heath: Find in favor of Arnold or be destroyed.