Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On Independence Day----though, for clarity's sake: not the Will Smith movie I secretly love

My Fellow Americans,

About two hundred thirty three years ago, we, the fine citizens of the United States, fed up with Britain's tweedy aloofness and insistence on calling pants "trousers" and underwear "pants," decided to get our Independence on. So Thomas Jefferson took a break from having awesome hair and boning his slaves and wrote the Declaration, effectively telling Britain to take a dirt nap because the uncouth colonies were in charge of themselves now, thank you very much. Then, you know: the fighting, muskets, the French, Indians, Paul Revere, et al. After that: This land is our land, you monarch-lovers. Keep your trousers on.

In the years since, we celebrate this momentous occasion by getting blotto, staring at exploding celestial doodads and eating lots of low quality pork. This year, Birdmonster's getting into the act, playing July 4th at the El Rio with a whole slew of bands, celebrating the best way we know how: hours of loud music and dozens of jingoistic fist-pumps.

Since it's a barbeque, it starts at 1. According to the El Rio website, there is also a "totally fabulous happy hour" till 3. This gives you two hours to get totally fabulous. Plus: eight bands for eight dollars? That's a bargain. We're on near the end of the day, but please, come early, stay late.

The El Rio's at 3158 (at Cesar Chavez) and we're playing with Two Sheds, Low Red Land, Birds & Batteries, Finn Riggins, D Numbers, Writer, and Murray the Thief. And yes there is food. And yes it will rule.

Hope to see you there.

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