Monday, February 12, 2007

You get older every day. Some days though, you get older than others.

Through a fairly uncomplicated series of events that involves the end of the Simpsons and a slothtastic refusal to move off the couch, I caught a few minutes of the Grammy's last night. More specifically, I tuned in around the time some rather attractive woman I'd never seen before was warbling her way through "Desperado," then followed that by doing a duet with a guy who looked like a masculine, real life version of Miss Piggy. He walked like he had hooves, at least.

I found out this morning, thanks to an Amazon dot com email that invited me to purchase other Grammy themed gems like the Jamie Foxx's "I was hilarious in Booty Call" and the highly anticipated "Another Effing John Mayer Release," that this aforementioned vocalist was Carrie Underwood, an American Idol alum, which, I should've guess because: not singing her own song. But it dawned on me this morning that, yes, I've now reached that age where there can be someone as well-received and prolificly famous as Carrie Underwood and I have no idea who she is.

After all, she won "Best New Artist" this year, edging out Imogen Heap, who, well, sure they've been around since the '90s, but apparently "New" is very, very, subjective. I think the Stones won it in '06. Of course, I didn't know who Carrie Underwood was, what she looked like, what any of her songs sound like. I hadn't even formed an opinion about her. And then I realized it, all of a sudden: I'm out of the loop. Whether it's lack of cable, changing personal tastes, or a natural aversion to anything involving Paula Abdul (and I have a soft spot for "Cold Hearted Snake," so we can count that last one out), I've finally gotten to the age where I just can't keep up with pop culture anymore. Gone are the days when I knew every lyric to that Lisa Loeb song, could describe what Crystal Pepsi tasted like, and could name all four TGIF shows, even while claiming I'd never, ever watch them.

This isn't really a point of pride. I mean, regardless of whether I enjoy Carrie Underwood or not, I feel as if I should know who she is. I don't know why I feel this way. Maybe it's the part of me that really wants to be on Jeopardy and knows I need to know my common knowledge. Maybe it's the part of my that doesn't enjoy being a jackass curmudgeon (a small part of me, I'll freely admit). Maybe it's the part of me that just wants to be able to sing along to pop rock radio when we're driving through the Dakotas on three hours sleep. Whatever the reasoning, I went to bed feeling the way I assume so many parents must have felt when their kids brought that Baha Men CD into the car for the first time: confused, a little older, and a little frightened about the next generation of American citizens. Now I know why my folks kept their "Tapestry" LP.


Joshua said...

Unless you watch American Idol or follow country music, I don't think there's any reason why you should know about her. In other words, don't lose any sleep over this... yet. You have at least a few more years to go.

On a semi-related note, it's good to see recognition for Rick Rubin who won in the producers category.

rachael said...

i live blogged the grammys for the first time. i spent most of the night saying...who is that?

it's probably a good thing.

birdmonster said...

Joshua: Yeah, I guess you're right. I just used to take pride in my pop culture knowhow. Now? It's like I've spent my last 3 years hibernating with a Yeti. I know nothing.

Rachael: I'm certainly happy I don't know who some of these jackanapes are, but, really, I feel like best new artist is a good gauge of how much attention you're paying. In my case: not much. I long for the days of a-Ha.

elvette said...

The Grammys have been out of touch for a long time. I read something like the year Purple Rain came out, Lionel Richie won in that category, and it wasn't even for "Three Times a Lady."

Katie L. Thompson said...

Birdmonster, don't feel bad! I don't own a television at all so when my mom calls me to tell me about some show she's addicted to I'm like, "What's that?" And she's like, "How do you not know about that?! It's the most popular show on tv!!" I don't know who any of the popular actors or actresses are and I dont' know any of the popular singers now, either. I live in a weird little pocket of the universe and I kinda like it. Like.....I went to 20 concerts last month but haven't been to the movies in about 5 years. And since I have to television, it's so easy to tune everything out. It's all free newspapers, internet (blogs), & talk at the bar where I take photographs that gives me this warped perception of pop culture. It's why I had no clue the grammys were even on but I cry everyday because I don't have the money to go to SXSW.

chikunjen said...

all these comments about carrie underwood when we all know the entire blog was just to throw out the tapestry ref. and I like it.

Hojo said...

Why on earth haven't you mentioned the infomercial from last night too?!!

birdmonster said...

Elvette: That's a crying shame. And a crime. Although it's a much better competition than Creed vs. Godsmack, admittedly.

KLT: SXSW is quite a bargain, ain't it? Here's the thing though: everyone there is probably touring out on the way there or home. They'll stop by early March, late Feb., or late March/early April. Just sit tight. Save the plane ticket.

chikunjen: In retrospect, you might be right. (You make me feel like)A Natural Woman.

Hojojo: I didn't forget. I saved. Big difference.

Sabrina said...

Just getting updated!!
I've actually been quite busy at work. Even too busy for Birdmonster blogs. This is the shits!

Tapestry....oh Carol King!
I just love that cd. I'll never get rid of it and my kids have no choice to appreciate You've got a friend! in both versions the above + John Denver. Yes I am an old sap!

Anonymous said...



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