Friday, January 05, 2007

A mighty fine reason to read your spam

A year or so ago, basketball player Latrell Sprewell, hitherto famous for playing solid defense, having dreadlock pigtails, and strangling his coach with his bare hands, was offered 7 million dollars a year to play the game he'd been playing all his life. He refused, infamously, by quipping "I gotta feed my family."*

But of course, as vocations go, tossing a ball in a hoop for millions of dollars annually is about as good as it gets. You could always be a metermaid or the guy who cleans up suicides or a session drummer for Nickelback. You could always be the guy who sends me spam at 2 a.m. every morning.

In fact, it was that guy that got me thinking about Latrell Sprewell. I'm not talking about the "I living Nigerian prince, would you help distribute my funds" emails or the "Enliven your Pensi" messages. I'm talking about the stock tips I get daily, free of charge, from my own personal back alley Charles Scwab. And you might hate this man. In fact, you probably do. Who'd blame you, really. But me? I love him. I love the nearly poetic intext gibberish ("And if de bees wake, it doan matter for her her"), the wonderful email titles ("intrinsically regimental" or "lumpy connote"), and, especially, the names. They read like a list of distinguished hobos:

- Faulkner T. Rasmus
- Ty Coon
- Lestat Crownover
- Crabtree S. Stella
- Milligan Peg
- Lavonne Negronne
- Barrera Fanny
- Eduardo Watches
- Gonzales B.B. Bertram
- Septimus T. Stevenson

Expectant parents: throw away those two dollar baby-naming periodicals. Faulkner T. Rasmus YourLastNameHere is better than anything inside. Not unlike that Men's Wearhouse guy: I guarantee it.

Of course, how does a Rutherford Viola or a Dominquez Q. Tessa make any money with this stock email thing? Well, let's learn. Firstly, the text is filled with that seemingly random poetry in order to get it past your email filter: your filter is looking for words like "Viagra" and "Diet" while Barrera Fanny is sending you words like "puppy" and "sassafras." Confused, your email server lets the letter through. And, in some image which the filters cannot decode, they ask you to buy some stock you've never heard of. For example: CDC Holding Company, which bares no relation to Janis Joplin. Now, our gentle Lavonne Negronne has purchased, say, a million shares of CDC Holding and, if there are a few people out there smart enough to act and ACT NOW and buy their shares while the getting's good, Lavonne will sell his quickly, making maybe a penny a share, but, since he's got a million see how that works. Septimus T. Stevenson has to feed his family.

Now, I have a request. Since it's Friday and you're probably not working anyhow, go check your email, maybe your spam folder, and leave some particularly good names in the comment box below. Or ignore me completely. That's fine too. But we can have the definitive list of Faulkner T. Rasmuses and I think that means something. Not something important, per se, but something funny, which, for my money, is far superior anyhow.

* His children require lobster milkshakes to survive.


Sabrina said...

Inieda Vacacion
Creamy Ho

Just to name a few.. My Spam alert seems to toss everything decent and for some reason all of the mispelled Viagra emails and penis enlargement ads keep getting through. The above mentioned are actually some overseas contacts that I had in the past. If for some reason you read the Birdmonster blog in Hong Kong? Hi Creamy! Hi Inieda!

zach said...

BoshBosh Bitskate!

jamie said...

Brogan Helberg
Samantha Goodman

Gasoline Hobo said...

ok, i can't stop laughing at the idea of Lobster Milkshakes.

my favorite spam name of all time?


yeah, i saved that one. a true gem.

birdmonster said...

God. Those are all wonderful. I'm irrationally excited about this right now.

Gasoline Hobo said...


Errol Huynh
Montgomery Bertie
Fitzpatrick Shelly
Maximillian I. Small
Palmer P. Sammy
GraceMandy CrossMaria
Whitley Steve
Floy L. Flores
Merlin Shapiro
Willis Nettle
Hale Antoinette
West D. Bessie
Finch Leonora
Pike K. Silas
Ball V. Violet
Biddy Adkins
And, of course, Welch O. Micky.

Sabrina said...

I now have the urge to change my name to something a bit more exciting!

Eric said...

Calderon R. Rudolph
Covington Jacob
Yarbrough I. Stanislaus
Otis Norris
Montague K. Banks
Mason Q. Oswald
Magnus Peters

Katrina said...

Hmm....very interesting, indeed. While looking through my large list of junk mail names, I also noticed that the vast majority of them were trying to seel me VJAGGRA for $ 3 , 30 while quoting from Harry Potter.

- Slavomir Wolter wrote:

"believe, and can be viewed in Mr. Filchs office, if anybody would like to check it.
The corners of Dumbledores mouth twitched. He continued, As ever, I . . ."

- Isadora Turgeon wrote:

"Come here, Mr. Weasley, said Hermione kindly, taking the box from him,and showing him how to do it properly.At last they got the fire lit, though it was at least another hour . . . "

- Eberhard Tamashiro was so kind to write:

"water, half a pound of shredded mandrake leaves, and a newt...I dont reckon it can be done, said Rons voice flatly from the other
side of the table. Theres nothing. Nothing. Closest was that thing to . . . "

Sabrina said...

Yes I receive these same kind of emails. When you open the email it has quotes like your above Harry Potter reading. but when they're forwarded to Spam Review they open up to display Viagra and other types of meds. Prozac, Paxil...

Slavomir, Now that's an interesting name! If I add an "A" to the end of it. I might be able to pull this off.
Hi my name is Slavomira. What's your name?
of course this sounds like I have bad armpit B.O. and excess salivation.

Lester Hunt said...

Dearest Friend Birdmonster!

Thanks for helping me to have a sense of humor about the Great Spam-o-Rama, the Spamapalooza, that my life has become!

Now to please help me disburse my funds?

Yours Sincerely,

Mahatma Kane Jeeves

Valsauce said...

I love you for this.

Odd Myhren
Jamar X. Ochoa
Julia Chimjak
Triantaphyllos Seals
Sizemore Trent Sullivan
Gnaeus Ploof

There's a treausre trove of absurd names in my spam box, and I didn't even know it.

birdmonster said...

My dad is a big fan of this. I'm hoping he shows up. These are really, really making my afternoon right now.

rebecca said...

Oh my god. So many to choose from! Here are some of the best:

Gergely Gerstein
Edgardo Emerson
Bonita Crump
Refugio McKinley
Jose Looney
Wade Crum
Sibe Nipp
Florrie Waldo
Napoleon McCormick
Grady Colon
Isibe Whang
Gloss Crescent
Linwood Rucker
Epiphany Yutzy

And my personal favorite:
Dame Zook

You can call me that from now on...

Xopl said...

I love those, too! Especially the names and nonesensical subject lines. They actually make me smile.

However, I hate the stupid spambots that just copy a news article... though for a couple weeks I got several chapters of The Hobbit piece by piece.

The latest thing I'm getting hammered by are the ones in the format of "some-first-name wrote:" as the subject. Or for the holidays they were wishing me happy new year and merry christmas from a trove of friends I don't have.

The best I can do today is this:

"Claudio Mata"

Eric said...

Here are my favorites of the ones I've collected:

Modestine Wisecup
Metrophanes Kehl
Aias Direnzo
Pippin Cheng
Evfrosyne Bombard
Epiktetos Villines
Rakesh Friday
Lane Klingensmith
Berenice Pesina
Orsino Hadfield

"Modestine Wisecup" is the clear winner

Anonymous said...

The bit of seeming gibberish you quote's actually from Stephen King's "Misery":

"It like d'utha boss be sayin' . . . if you go out dere, de bees wake up from dey dream. And if de bees wake, it doan matter for her if she be dine of one sting or one-de-one t'ousan" sting."

As one of the earlier posters said, lots of spam seems to be using real text for filler these days...

-- Adam Sampson

Sam said...

Yay!!! Here's one that I got:

Motorcycle H. Satanic

That's hot. So hot, that I blogged about it here.

Russ said...

All ones I have received recently:

Guillermo Petty
Vilma Pickens
Christy Kamaruddin
Roxie Aguilar
Earnestine Brantley
Artair Pinkowski
Ravindranath Barrera
Maritza Montoya
Christope Rasmussen
Christina Aguilera (yes for real)
Montague Felix
Alfonzo Juhasz
Yolanda Gilis
Isaiah Jenkins
Humberto Galloway

birdmonster said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the Steven King info. Gergely Gerstein would be proud.

screth said...

Elvin Barr
Eva Avila
New Plasma TV
Herman Hickman
Ignaas Cratty

Anonymous said...

Miniaturized G. Bristles

Harry Balzanya said...

Minee sheer clip thong. Ferrell ferrer jamie venus, ferris lara feruelo. Tenuto old shinny clearly puzzled, seething the left. Long Schlong Silver awaits left side of Tenorca face. Michael Jackson namik wo ist das.

Oscar said...

I assume you haven't seen the Spamfriend generator, which spits out countless 3-part fake names (like "Conclusion R. Thereinafter").

Megan said...

My favorite, from a few months ago, is Africa A. Continuations

But just from today, i got Harry Potter filled emails from:

Norton I. Lewis
Yee Fuller
Giulia Varghese
Matilda R. Villa
Ward N. Ik

But my very favorites i compiled about a month ago from several months of emails - i like it when they have a thing as a name.

Fromm H. Bribes
Bluffer J. Conundrums
Latisha J. Cattail
Brightened F. Closets
Unsays V. Putrescence
Crudely J. Kneels
Barnum F. Inertly
Cleanly V. Seismograph
Seduced G. Confetti
Humberto H. Pastorates
Barnum F. Inertly
Cleanly V. Seismograph
Validating A. Ferber
Northwest H. Custody
Edmund F. Gamekeeper

Harlequin Guy said...

Reading them is fun. But if you really want to raise the jollies, try replying to them. Especially our Nigerian friends! Read this and weep [with laughter]:

Rob said...

Hugo Washington
Agustin Hedrick
Leland Jordan
Irvin Lott
Tzufit Shiver
Asad Beutler
Alton Crain
Augustine Valentin
Jacobus Fabela
Hallie Horton
Gennaro Nerney
Wlodek Marr
Joachim Feaster
Jep Puzo
Can Dooling
Osanne Storrs
Gerhold Belizaire
Imran Mcchesney

And my favorite:

Diggory Rosenblum

Anonymous said...

Alanna Fincke

an invitaton to body +soul

Jessy Randall said...

For more such names, see the recent McSweeney's list, "Character From a Thomas Pynchon Novel or Someone Who Recently Sent Me Spam?":

Harlequin Guy said...

Sory, scratch that - Wrong site. Go here:

SOL's view said...

Wow, have I been missing out. I vow to pay more attention in future. That is, of course, when the spam filter at work doesn't change it to so much gobbledegook.

Tilly Crow said...

My favorite so far is "Pius Hendrix".

Alison said...

A few of mine:
Basil Coulter
Nadir Prime
Etzel Metts
Sikke Ballantyne
Gotzone Prosper
Wilf Saucedo
Christel Beavers
Brack Mullinax
Alger Burrows
Henning Overly

And my new pseudonym:
Miloslaw Foxx

Holly said...

Ok, I usually just delete them, but had to go look at my inbox, and found a "reply" from none other than:

Velma Costello!

How could I forget writing to her!

PS. I got one from Septimus too!

The particular random guy said...

Just from the last two hours:

Mitchel Hightower
Mauricio Bryant
Eliza Bowen
Chet Rush
Antoinette Avila
Billie Ho
Keith Briggs

and my favorite is:

Grace Mccracken

Anonymous said...

Ramiro Morris
Cristobal Schmidt
Who asks, one to the other, "What attraction authority was house this comb cool Englishman thinking of?"

Enfisema said...

Here in Spain we get lots of messages from fabulous South American people, who sound more likely to offer cocaine than viagra. Some from my mailbox:

Esmeralda Orozco
Barton Arellano
Maloney O. Agatha
Vonda Acosta
Demetrius Estrada
Tanya Boudreaux
Giovanni Enriquez
Napoleon Kramer
Ira O. Shoemaker

Toon said...

Francis Fisher sends me:

"ceased and do and he said that followeth thee into dancing"

polar said...

Nefertari Lingenfelter, Charlemagne Burpee.

Chris said...

I seem to get a lot of quotes from Back to the Future fanfic. The senders?

Cruz McNeill
Olivia Stark
Nolan Farmer
Suarez Nathaniel
Garland Baca
Breckner Benedict
Michal Neuner
Otto Hendrickson

and my personal favorites, Steven Numbers and Ladonna Hanson, both of whom assumed I shared their first names.

Andrew said...

There's one spam name that I think I will remember for the rest of my life:

Negroes T. Crossword

Crappe! said...

Vegans J. Goons

I've yet to see one better than that. Vegans J. Goons, people.

Bryan said...

i've got:

Novanikki Millersky


Barrister Ben Tony Chambers

netsrac said...

For two weeks now, I've assumed a different spam screen name daily in my Messenger profile. Most memorable ones have been Guerrero August, Devin Angelique Oliver, Damiano Nickels and - especially - Middleclass Eyeball. Try it. It's a fun talking point :)

Nick said...

Cute one:

Violet Gibbons
Minna O. Quinn
Adam H. Littig
Twice (?)
Rain (?) sometimes they lack research

Most interesting:
(270) 818-7244 Jeffry - Fwd: Get a Diploma without the hassel! If he spells as well as this...

My Fave:
Gold Digger and his spam included the word "spam" within the body!
Rab Grabber
Krystal Ziegler
Leopold A. Moss


Lenre Khan

And that was just some of today's fresh batch of spam!

Personally, I feel they are losing the innovation. They use to catch my eyes.

Studley Q. Beefpile said...

My favorite (culled from spam for Viagra) was "Scrotum Armstrong". I couldn't stop laughing when that one arrived.

wrp said...

I had my own list of favorite spam names ...

Anonymous said...

'Teddy U. Acosta' has some interesting advice... "Do not forget to insert a cotton ball which has been tipped with vaseline into your dog's ears before you turn on the water."

Joey Love keeps sending me emo poems ♥ Cute.

Anonymous said...

I had noticed this strange phenomenon a few years back in one of my old blogs. you can see my list here.

A few of them were particularly amusing;

Ripsaw S. Packages
Overexposure B. Flummox
Romantics S. Autoimmune

Bernie said...

irmak enz - not crazy about enz, but i'm gonna name my child irmak

Anonymous said...

Gladwin Hildebrandt

Matt said...

Ok. I've been collecting these for about a year now, saving them for a project of some sort, but this seems like a good place for them to live for a while.

Palpitation A. Freshwater
Bathhouses F. Mollusks
Superlatives K. Postludes
Nephew G. Scampi
Diagnoses H. Bedtimes
Redoubt A. Voyages
Cannonballs H. Really
Excretions Q. Conservatives
Scary M. Spadefuls
Stinker E. Fractiously
Scabbard E. Mop
Applicants G. Contingency
Dowdies B. Milky
Mounts H. Tammi
Craving C. Absinthe
Ingestion F. Wimpling
Acclaims I. Symmetries
Separatist G. Irresponsible
Obdurates E. Lager
Hoarsest C. Slivered
Bushings S. Hoopla
Razors O. Perfectionism
Controverting U. Variation
Sometime F. Putrescent
Impingement P. Ligature
Noways R. Disability
Bouquet P. Harkened
Stazas H. Forms
Druids F. Banqueting
Insistent L. Anita
Reassigns G. Stratagem
Whatever P. Lengthways
Stupefaction B. Elba
Rowed L. Clapboard
Damon D. Odor
Reassessments F. Squealer
Wolverines E. Erotica
Midterm D. Beardsley
Steeplejacks I. Happenings
Hitch J. Polysyllable
Clamp H. Guardian
Goren O. Bisected
Twelfth P. Bartender
Stows F. Earnest
Grist H. Corfu
Officiate O. Hires
Voice E. Amway
Precognition Q. Anodyne
Restrictive O. Honeybee
Neglecting H. Larceny
Protracts J. Papergirls
Lacquered S. Catskill
Falconry E. Rank
Pubs H. Solomons
Sedated R. Crept
Peepers R. Arbitrators
Composure L Saussure
Vicki J. Slipshod
Shelves T. Freezers
Highfalutin U. Operas
Emu Q. Operand
Pledges F. Animated
Warm Q. Endowing
Greensward A. Mountebanks
Bootlegged K. Alarm
Nefariousness P. Roistering
Deprecation C. Informed
Hamlet I. Puller
Launderer I. Collarbone
Stagflation C. Plaque
Nettling C. Centurion
Probably H. Luckiness
Backlash V. Errand
Tossup E. Whizz
Darling C. Hydroplaning
Successors K. Ionizer
Daiquiri R. Misstatement
Encapsulate G. Colonizer
Eye H. Deservings
Radio P. Updraft
Experimental G. Cornbread
Triteness P. Prefab
Velvetier J. Split
Elders C. Atelier
Sweetens C. Amening
Springier K. Parlimentarian
Pity Q. Cortisone
Flamboyance F. Dalmatian
Unsuspecting P. Altimeter
Amphitheatres G. Legates
Blue M. Archimedes
Clothespin S. Acetylene
Prefer H. Ignore
Innards O. Lyons
Filtrate U. Appareling
Shaved R. Changes
Brittler D. Cetus
Alarm I. Inadmissible
Aphrodisia T. Wince
Prudish S. Countershank
Fireball F. Valuing
Dispensary V. Calculus
Cogwheel A. Contagions
Soundly U. Varlet
Trustfully R. Sheppard
Cottons O. Grimy
Jungle D. Teens
Smooched L. Translator
Epistle A. Sty
Oysters T. Renting
Overlay U. Decant
Bisector L. Ploy
Romanian D. Professionalism
Patriotism O. Sugarcoating
Roughhouse D. Autographs
Wednesdays E. Nixing
Concentrating I. Bredes
Reconnoitering H. Negativing
Russert O. Library
Alumni S. Document
Abductor K. Shovels
Bronchi M. Unhanding
Luisa F. Motherland
Muscle J. Slack
Surrogates U. Atari
Hypothesize I. Retrogressive
Overzealous M. Jordan
York J. Atlee
Rarest A. Matting
Indifferently O. Unwrap
Bolshevist D. Breaths
Perfectible B. Rimming
Liquidized Q. Unhanding
Dickier Q. Exculpate
Glosses H. Thunderclaps
Rountinize D. Colonels
Bleeders A. Motivations
Tingliest B. Hardware
Laundries R. Jonahs
Philter V. Nukualofa
Lent B. Boundaries
Corking R. Standstill
Milkmaids E. Shimmered
Lady K. File
Spangle D. Emolument
Headwinds T. Seiko
Optimization T. Pooh
Marceau C. Feet
Herbivorous B. Desirability
Medicare P. Proportion
Accelerates H. Nanak
Multiplexing Q. Passable
Arched Q. Flutes
Blindly V. Transgressors
Crosses G. Stillbirth
Roaring T. Improvable
Dewlap V. Scales
Adulation P. Lulls
Pertain H. Muscrat
Croci M. Novelist
Onyx J. Desperate
Congresses R. Disinherits
Mysore G. Baronet
Sterning A. Scammed
Pluckiness P. Humored
Bunsen H. Replica
Ducket O. Boyfriend
Liquefaction U. Clampdown
Prowess R. Ramblers
Profanes G. Logistic
Afternoon Q. Legit
Ovulating D. Classmate
Vigil E. Funnels
Warble M. Deceitfulness
Goat B. Counterweight
Rails E. Squeamishness
Hutches R. Disproof
Prepositions Q. Chops
Checkpoint T. Mistreat
Matador T. Brow
Reversion A. Darned
Pour I. Flashbulb
Frusty L. Salary
Stopcock O. Dandies
Jealous O. Hoodview

Sabrina said... what a list! There are so many great ones my co-workers are thinking I'm losing my mind over here.
Thanks to this blog there will be more time used each day on spam. No more forward to spam review and deleting. I kick myself!!
I think this blog has the most traffic yet?

Birdmonster where are you? Who won the contest!!!!!!?????????????????

Karen said...

My favorite ever has been

Grasshopper H. Cholesterol

Anonymous said...

My favorite ever was, Manservant P. Tetrahedron

Anonymous said...

Listing V. Italian

Outstandingly D. Pulled

Gallstone M. Tawdriness

Photocopy P. Debris

Lurching S. Memorably

Chairlift E. Underwood

Tuberculosis I. Vegetable

Clambake M. Contradistinctions

Gluttonously A. Microsoft

Joyful R. Beatitudes

Eiderdown Q. Counteractions

Soliciting M. Amoeba

Lemming Q. Unjust

Excepting A. Cubism

Pickier J. Retreads

Misconducting B. Pluckiness

Manservant P. Tetrahedron

Ulcered U. Sidetracks

Zaniness U. Psychics

Imposture R. Vineyard

Metabolized D. Acetaminophen

Mandibles Q. Disservice

Adjective O. Bleakly

Impudence I. Woodworm

Odometer G. Draft

Converses H. Invested

Modernist T. Whimsey

Prince Crum

Rolando Roach

Cruz T. Shafer

Correction L. Rumpuses

Bile U. Antiseptic

Clappering F. Misquote

Neutralization J. Greek

Bedecking E. Predominate

Anklet H. Smoothness

Crisply Q. Ultimatum

codeman38 said...

My favorite spamonym ever-- and I am totally not making this up:

Paprika R. Vaginas.

I think Ophthalmologists Q. Stuccoing comes in somewhere close by, though.

Jamie said...

I kid you not...

Roman Catholicism

Steve said...

Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one keeping lists of funky spam names!

My favourite so far: Synergy K. Reformatting.

Sounds like a Web 3.0 scheme.

Anonymous said...

Not Spam, but a person I know ordered The Wall Street Journal under the name of Ray Gonomics.

Dirtonomous Q Unit said...

I've been doing this too. At first I just thought I was copying someone else and felt a little bad. Then I discovered the McSweeney's item listed above by Jessy Randall.

Now that I realise everyone is doing it, I feel much better! I also like to come up with a short description of what that person would be like.
From my own blog:

Wineries J. Hatchbacks - A small, practical fellow, sometimes acidic, sometimes mellow. Free flowing. Open. Is usually drunk or asleep, often at the wheel.

Conspiratorial L. Semester - practically wrote the book on getting together with a bunch of shady characters in order to hatch ideas. Goes on holidays every three months.

Misjudges U. Velcro - First impressions aren't always correct, but once they've formed they'll often stick. Until the impression gets torn away, with a nice "Chhrrrr" sound.

vandahm said...

The best spam pseudonym that I've seen is "Jaunty P. Jordan."

Anonymous said...

Some funny spam names:
Deasy Deasy
Nichjo Esses
Snippets Throughout
Tier Backed
Fotis Desrosiers
Hansiain Brock
Gaston Finton

and my favourite:
Justus Kalu (translated to english: John Tool)

Robyn said...

My top 10 spam names from the last year:

Scheming Q. Kettledrum
Khyber R. Zing
Womanhood P. Marzipan
Invader G. Dentists
Bunghole F. Cognitive
Misogynist U. Postbox
Scrotum B. Appertains
Autograph B. Limb
Jovial F. Potpie
Titted H. Bodhidharma

And an honourable mention for the series of email where the subject was in the form of "[sender's surname] advice", leading to an Edwin Ho sending me "Ho advice". Thanks, Ed.

Toon said...

Best one yet this morning! I just got an email from Mr. Nigerian Scams, titled "JackPot total 3 000 000 dol". It said:

BB guns throwing stars anything
Thinking Suspended Painting Santa Turning Heads L.A. Oldest Woman Dies Flap Brews

gogsy1999 said...

Dewitt Gagne
Benito Chavez
Rosaleen Zane
Wilber Newman
Charles Howard
Karie Ray
Sofia Gruskin
Ronnie ramerez
Evangeline Howard

And thats just in the last week.

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite...

Galaga Jezzball

Anonymous said...

my recent fave:

Tad Bravo

now there's a DJ, a porn star, an astronaut, and a reference librarian all rolled into one beautiful name.

Groda said...

Strangulates T. Sadism

Gag Halfrunt said...

Sapphirex Cyclical
Denominating E. Capone
Maneuvered K. Anecdote
Stylized I. Disemboweled
Zircon G. Prayer
Immobile O. Thucydides
Grandfathering Q. Slight
Woodcutter B. Infusion

Camilla said...

Spammers have such beautifull names. Just got this one: Swear Word

Lee said...

Delmar Finch
Julian F. Miles (Which sounds strangely poetic)
Barry Z. Dora
and this sounds like an accountant or someone you SHOULD be taking stock advice from
Harry Yarbrough

Anonymous said...

Here's a few of the characters from my spam folder:

Alvilda Barlett
Gruffudd Elders
Gtrange G. Seer
Lupe Conway
Pansy Covington
vido wether
Addition Q. Pterodactyl
floodgates torrent
Aurelia Tuttle
Manasses Hildebrant
Queen Means
Sanora Season
Guadalupe Sheehan
Wilford Villalobos

elvette said...

Torhild Pecoraro
Malvina Woodford
Jerome Bowden (Subject:tea bag prudish)

Fify Juliana (sounds like spam, but actually a real person)

Fabrice said...

I've been collecting these names for a few years now and will gladly contribute to adding them in a "database" of some sort or to this blog... Right now I'n mot at home but I can only share this brilliant one:

Grinchmas Gashy

As I am a filmmaker, I have to confess that I have used these fu**ed-up names in my films quite often. They sometimes sound very cinematographic...

Stanley Goodspeed said...

-Krishna Jean
-Bryanna Perrella
-Gertie Sawyer (no relationship to Tom, I think)
-Merideth Gooden
-Antoinette Buchanan
-Amie Mcdaniel
-Reuben Guzman

And my favorite, the ever prolific:

Clotilda Pritchard

Armin said...

I've used my spam and in particular the included names to write a novella. Well, kind of.

birdmonster said...

Let me just say: I think something special was accomplished here. Womanhood P. Marzipan agrees. I'd like to throw a special "Holy Shit" to Matt, whose list was something like 200 names long and included, among others, Reassessments F. Squeler and Hitch J. Polysyllable.

Matt said...

Mihai Stansberry "...triggered a signal on the jawbone radio"

Agurne Proffitt " What are you playing at bastardacoj? I shouted"

Nieves Trout "Bvvlgari"

Lis said...

I just went through 12 (!!) pages of spam, here are my favourites:
sender: to
subject: has

Then we have...
Mercedes Nance
Arnulfo Dodge
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Terra Dawn said...

I clean out my spam on a daily basis, so I don't have much.

But I DO have:

Berta Hullender (I've always liked the name Berta...)
George Arliss

I also have a"me" in there. Huh...I don't recall sending myself anything regarding bowling and pharmaceuticals....

terra Dawn said...

And obviously, this topic has attracted the attention of those mentioned!!! :) Wonderful spam you have tacked on the end of this Very poetic.