Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome back; Go Stinky!

Most people, when they're a little too drunk, argue with their girlfriends or fall asleep with their shoes on or pick fights with 6'9" skinhead ex-linebackers. Not me. I bid on accordions on eBay.

Now, as most readers know, I can't afford an accordion. I especially can't afford an accordion whose shipping and handling costs were $90. Then, last night, while I was still blissfully ignorant about my impulsive (read: blotto) choice to bid on a 1940s Italian accordion I don't know how to play, I received an email from eBay informing me I'd been outbid at the last moment. Ah, serendipity. And I'm not talking about that shitty Cusack movie either. We need a phrase for poorly-decided-eBay-maneuvers, like posting your car for $10 or selling you soul or bidding on things you don't need and can't afford after too many gimlets. An eBoner? Meh. Maybe. I think we can do better though.

Beyond soggy computer idiocy, we also played a show this weekend at 330 Ritch, or, that club with the pole in the middle of it. Since we've played there last, the sound and stage underwent striking improvements, like one of those bitter chicks who goes on Maury twenty years after she gets stood up on prom night to show off her new tits. It's fantastic now. We got to see Push to Talk inside too, which was nice, since last time we met, we were outside in a hundred degree Chico weather with feedbacking monitors, shaky stages, and attendees playing frisbee. Needless to say, in their natural habitat, Push to Talk was wonderful. They released their CD within two weeks of us too. Worth a few dozen listens for sure. All said, a great night---thanks to all the folks who put it on, came, played, and even that smelly dude who loitered outside yelling about 'Nam. You're cool too, guy.

Sadly enough, that was our last San Francisco show until...eeek! July 15th. That's a bit depressing. But in the meantime, we've got BFD (sort of SF, but now quite) and afterwards, the East Coast will feel our wrath. And by wrath I mean our gas money. And borrowed equipment. It's been, I don't know, about seven years since I took a one-week jaunt through greater New England and I've never been to about three fourths of the places we're going, so, I must say, I'm excited. More on that later though. For now, I'm going to keep listening to Janis Joplin, who, according to those who were once in ten feet of her, reeked like a hobo. But damn could she sing. Go stinky!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...i think i happen to remember some strange randomness and massive amount of time that i have spent on ebay...i mean...ebay is like addicting...i mean...it usually starts out being something productive, like a birdmonster shirt cuz u lost ur wallet in a stupid mosh pit at nssn...or maybe some strange instument part that u wanna get 4 cheaper...but u end up spending more cuz u 4get about shipping...or a four inch safety pin that u want to put though ur nose...u know...the important stuff...but it never ends that way...u always end up looking at something dumb like a ramones shirt or something that u can get like everywhere...but u have to waste like a zillion dollars on it cuz people are stupid...or u end up selling shit that u made of duct tape...but u spent more on duct tape to make the stupid crap then u made for selling it...o well

sorry for the random babbling.,..im crazy hyper and im super bored...so ttyl...much love

rachael said...

i hope you boys smell ok by the time you come to new york. we love janis and all, but i'm not too keen on the the hobo reek

birdmonster said...

On the eBay front: I just bid on another accordion. And I'm not even drunk. I think I have a problem.

And Rachael: I promise at least one of us will have showered within three days of said New York show. Remember when I wrote you & Underrated that letter a while back? Well now, now, we join forces and make good on our word. I'm cackling maniacally over here. The co-workers: not so happy about it.

Anonymous said...

Dude...im like never drunk...i cant even drink...im not of legal drinking age...i have this weird thing called my brain doesnt function...and seeing who our president is...id have to say this problem is quite commen...but w/e

birdmonster said...

Good ol' unfunctioning brain syndrom (UBS); I know ye well.

Gasoline Hobo said...

here's something to aspire to:


recorded in the london underground. fucking awesome.

birdmonster said...

I didn't think accordions did "epic." Well, shut my mouth. Busk away, classicalman.

Anonymous said...

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