Friday, May 26, 2006

Danger: Bad Jokes With-in; Proceed At Your Own Risk

When we toured with Division Day, we found out they had a fondness for creating side projects with hilarious names. A few of them even had songs. On tour, all of us who were fighting the monkey-flu we got in Seattle formed Mucus Pocus, for example. Not as funny out of context, perhaps, but, you know, just bear with me. It's Friday and I'm running low on material here. At any rate, Dave & I had a little couch-sitting session yesterday, complete with out of tune guitars & banjos & bad, bad, bad vocals in chromatic & minor keys, so we dubbed ourselves System of a Ho-Down.

Rim. Shot.

Dave also wants to start a Scandanavian metal band (nevermind that we're not from Scandanavia of course) that sings only about the interent and call it Memory of the Oversoul. I think that's the coolest metal band name ever. I defy you to trump me.

Obviously, I'm babbling. I should mention again that we have a show tonight with Push to Talk & Damone at the 330 Rich located, strangely enough, at 330 Rich Street. Merriment will be everywhere, so wear one of those Gallagher-front-row-plastic-tarp-sack things if you want to stay grumpy. Otherwise, come say hi, have a drink, get a sticker, put it somewhere it doesn't belong. It'll be grand.

Otherwise, enjoy your three day weekend. I'll enjoy these Cheez-Its instead.

p.s. yes I saw Lost. Yes it was convoluted, ridiculous, and totally awesome.


Peter V said...

There should be a band called The Foot with Four Toes.

Anonymous said...

...why not The Foot with Six Toes?

Wes said...

inspired I have dubbed my new metal side project "Exlucifer"

Sandisoverrated said...

i always had this cool band name in my head...the beetles, but with an, the beatles? I don't know. Probably not a very good name.

birdmonster said...

Memory of the Oversoul approves of all these names. Except the Beatles. Memory of the Oversoul DEVOURS the Beatles.

Kt said...

I have several fake band names becuase this is one of my fav pastimes:
*My fake emo bad- The Death of the Mix Tape
*My 60s girl group style Violent Femmes cover bad- The Violent Femme Fatales.

Anonymous said...

wait...isnt "beatles" how they spell it in Live Freaky! Die Freaky!...i think...but im probably the only loserish enough person to watch that so w/e

Anonymous said... mean beetles