Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The reason I should only post once daily

You know what's the weirdest part about going to a hearing center to get earplugs made? It's that everyone there is at least eighty years old and that half of them sort of smelled like Necco Wafers.

The good part is that now, I won't go deaf. So that's a plus.

Alright. So, today, besides responding to Underrated's kindly request for a cross-country jaunt (see below), and weighing the pros and cons of visiting the hearing center, I'm listening to our second reference mix of Alabama...and it sounds really good. Brad would call it "hype." I would agree.

By the way: that puts us about three fourths of the way there. Allow me to have a seizure of glee.

Thanks. That felt nice.

I'm ashamed to admit I probably wrote this whole post to make a Necco Wafer joke. You have my deepest apologies. Tomorrow?

Watch your back, Zagnut Bar!

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