Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Half way, huh?

Back on the computer. Good lord. I spent all last night arguing with photoshop while trying to color a poster and keeping the areas I wanted filled with blue ink from bleeding everywhere in an infuriating, fustigating catastrophe. In fact, the only time I wasn't on the computer last night was when I was eating fried chicken and when I was showering, which I actually considered doing simultaneously, but thought better of it.

While chained to my computer, I did happily receive the sixth song's final mix, making the album, officially, half-way mixed. I'm sure Brad's a lot more relieved than I, considering the entirety of my contribution are phone calls, emails, and nitpicking after a few hours of careful listening, while his is more like an unfathomable amount of minute & large changes arrived at after something like three hundred thousand listens. The song in question yesterday was All the Holes in the Walls, the second track on our EP, which we re-recorded a little more like we play it live: raucous & boot-stompy-er. It's different enough from the EP to keep me smiling. Pete had his late night/ early morning gruffness going, which lends the song a much different vibe.

Beyond that, I mean, I have to be honest: I'm boring. Nothing happened to me yesterday. Literally. I sat in a hard wood chair for 6 hours after sitting in a soft faux-leather one for 8 hours. I'm lucky I escaped that seething ass-pain that truckers get when they drive from Seattle to Burbank in one day. At any rate, we're mere days away from finishing the van logistics, which means Vegas, which means...trouble. And, actually a lot of little details are slowly falling into place, but, hey, they're not worth hearing about till they've actually fallen into their various places.

And I want to thank all the folks who purchased an LP yesterday. Truly, truly appreciated.

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erika said...

What? Are you a computer freak?

birdmonster said...

Not really. I have work 9-5 (for a week more---kick ass) and then made that poster from about 7-2 a.m.

Ok. I guess the answer's yes.

charlesthegoldfishisdead said...

Dude, you should be using Illustrator instead of Photoshop

birdmonster said...

Illustrator frightens me.

chikunjen said...

You're gonna get hemorroids Nut, and I hear that shit is nasty.

birdmonster said...

So says you. I like 'rhoids. In fact, I've been sitting on a block of oak all day just to increase my chances.

causes of hemroids said...

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birdmonster said...

I love that, probably 2 months later, some spam-nonsense about 'rhoids got posted here. That's great news. He's better that "Very Nice!" anonymous.