Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hooray for pictures. They're everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean this post and the next two. I'd like to point special attention to the post below, first picture. That's Brad. There's also one of Zach chanelling high-school Zach for long supressed cello skills. We laid some down on Ice Age, and it sounds glorious.

Moving on.

I really think this morning was it, the point where I finally lost my mind. I woke up with Constant Craving in my head and I couldn't stop laughing at my bagel. It's all downhill from here. However, bearing that in mind, I'd like to sum up some recent events without you judging me harshly. Here goes:

We're mostly done with about seven songs. The vagueness you're reading into that sentence is there for a reason: we've actually worked on far more but completely finished far less, I decided seven was a happy medium. I'm sure you'll agree. A typical day consists of sleeping till eleven, doing various musical things for about thirteen hours, and then attempts at being social, cultural, and exotic (read: we went bowling. I lost). Somewhere, there was tuna fish and Dave almost stealing someone's car. Silly Dave. Silly tuna fish.

The thing is, we've really done plenty since I posted last. I just can't quite put my finger on what it was. I recall lots of loud guitars, some banjos, a jangly acoustic, and some singing. The pictures are nice, because they remind me what we actually did. Look! There's Peter playing the slide. And us in the control room. And me looking like Geordi LaForge. Browse around, please. I promise that tomorrow, I'll write something that contains at least one cogent thought.

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