Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Press Release From Birdmonster HQ

As you may have heard, the Golden State Warriors were sold today. Birdmonster's bid of $45 and a complimentary acoustic cover show comprised mainly of Kool and the Gang standards was rejected. We were saddened by the process but understand the outcome and wish the Warriors and their great fans the best of the luck.

Further, we've decided to turn lemons into rock and roll juice drank and play tomorrow night (that's Friday, July 16th) at the Uptown in Oakland. Misirlou will be joining us and we hope you will too. The set will be dedicated to Dan Gadzuric. Doors at 9, kickassness following shortly thereafter. Do come out.


SOL's view said...

Lol. Sorry your bid lost. Sounds like a damn fine bid to me!

Have lots of fun with the kickassness! :)

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