Friday, October 31, 2008

In which Birdmonster turns Canadian lemons into a contest - with fabulous prizes

Canada, that land of Michael Moore's wettest dreams and birthplace of the only sport to make prominent use of brooms (apologies to Quiddich), hates it some Birdmonster. As chronicled recently, we were yet again shut out of the country we share our northern border for reasons that can be best described as "arbitrary" and "asinine."

The whole ordeal (in addition to a similarly infuriating adventure two years back) has turned me off to the whole country. I'd rather vacation in Bosnia.

But we also realize that perhaps unlucky circumstances have conspired against us. Maybe we're being unfair. So, in the interest of further knowledge and a better understanding of a country that is, to quote the great philosopher E-40, "on my shit list, my rest in piss list," we thought we could get your input.

Here's what we want: your Canada stories, whether they're from the 11th circle of hell known as the Windsor border crossing or, conversely, yarns that redeem the place, should such things exist. We, the jury, will gather evidence and present what we feel is the best (read: most amusing) anecdote over on the blog, plus send that fantastic human some free signed stuff for setting the record straight.

So, which is it? Canada: the land of stability, hockey, and antlered mammals. Or Canada: grotesque hockey-loving freedom-haters? You make the call.

Please send your stories in to: - contest deadline Sunday, 11/9/08, and we'll post the winning entry on our blog the week of on 11/10/08.


notacrime said...
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notacrime said...

Curling was born in Scotland not Canada. Get your facts straight Tenuto. Canada are Johnny come latelies to the grand sport of kings. I challenge any Canadian to a bonspiel, it'll be a royal smackdown.

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