Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Double-Post Friday! Which means Unemployed Monday! Also, we ask a favor

See those shirts over there? No, not there. Over to the right. Lower. Looower. There you go. Aren't they nice? Now, I'm not asking you to buy one (parenthetically: BUY ONE NOW), but I'm just providing you a link to a shirt that the designer of that shirt designed. (Apologies for previous mobius-strip-esque sentence structure that was like a mobius strip and also a sentence structured in a way that is akin to a mobius strip). Okay.

So, perhaps you're familiar with Threadless. It's a website where folks submit shirt designs, other folks vote on them, and magically, shirts get made. It's one of those great ideas I wish I thought of but didn't. The fine-woman-who-designed-our-shirt's submission is here. Perhaps you'd like to vote on it. I did and I know you're susceptible to peer pressure. All the cool kids are doing it. It's so easy. No one will ever know. Drugs are great. All that.


SindrePB said...

I would have ordered a long time ago if you had it in man-size! While I do look stunishing in ladies garments, I can't really go out in public wearing a top! Get some man-wear into your shop dammit!

birdmonster said...

SindrePB: Will do. We actually HAVE it in man-size, we just don't have it in our store. Maybe because we're borderline pathetic lazy bums. I'll get on that...

elvette said...

I can vouch for the ladies' shirts. As I've mentioned several weeks ago, I have more than one. I haven't destroyed any of them yet.

Ali said...

i sported my tee last week with pride - along with my button. apparently i'm all about it.

you guys should try to do one of those (your band/movie/whatchamacalit name here) hearts threadless contests on the site...we did one for the submarines and it was a hit, the design that ended up winning rocked, so much so we're doing it again for josh early next year. i can get you some contact info, if ya' want it! it'd be pretty sweet, yo! birdmonster taking over all aspects of the internets!

Anonymous said...



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