Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy 200th Post Day; Behold the Poster

We like posters. We like grown men with their heads inside poultry-ass. I think we can all agree on those things.


Cherry said...

I like it! It reminds me of that Mr. Bean Christmas special. It least it isn't as disturbing as the wrestling scene in the Borat movie....

Have you had a chance to listen to Ben Fold's cover of The Darkness song "Get your hands off of my woman mother *&%$@"?

SOL's view said...

Agh! The greenie in me is taking over .... must ... save ... turkey ... where do I sign up?

Interesting poster lads. What inspired that? And do you have to be over 21 to attend over there? Does anyone write 21 in their shoes? And where are all these questions coming from? Think I should leave work now before I do someone - namely me - a damage......!

elvette said...

here, here, shouldn't one of you have gotten stuck with the tofurky/vegan field roast?

sandisoverrated said...

waaaaay late on this but, cover suggestions for New Years EVE:
peaches "fuck the pain away"
any beach boys song
joy division "love will tear us apart"
radiohead "fake plastic trees"
"lady in the radiator song(In heaven)" from eraserhead.
Or cover a rap song and I will rap for you because I have mad skillz, and I can out-hyphy E40.

Anonymous said...

also way late on covers, sorry,
and she was (talking heads)

elvette said...

Another one for the covers:
Sympathy for the Devil.

Everybody loves to sing along with the woo-woo part, and I think your boy can pull off the frontman attitude.

Anonymous said...



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