Monday, August 07, 2006

What do we want? TOUR-MATES! When do we want 'em? NOW!

One of the odd things about touring is a weird sense of isolation. There you are, travelling through new roadside attractions each day, playing new cities each evening, and bunking down in different, mildewy-nicotiney hotel rooms each early morning, and yet, you're always with the same three guys. The good part: we all get along really well. There is only minor bickering and all fighting is done with blunt objects on a one-fall scoring system.

This tour, we have the stupendous good fortune of touring with four different bands we thoroughly enjoy and have, to varying degrees, already met, befriended, and concocted secret band handshakes with. Since we're spending weeks with each of the following bands, I thought I'd do some introductions or, re-introductions, as the case may be, since they'll be appearing here constantly (whether they like it or not). And, our insulated little four man universe will be larger because of them. It's all about love round here.
Who: Division Day
When: August 16th- 24th & September 21st- 26th
Where: California, Arizona, Texas & the Pacific Northwest, respectively

Who part two: Division Day has the keys to the Cutlass. They have the keys to the castle. They have the keyboards without cases, which often results in finding severed & broken white keys on the floor of their van. They have a high beard to non-beard ratio. We've played with them more than anyone else ever and, suffice it to say, we're excited. They're lovable, their album is magnificent, and we often bombard them on stage during "Tap Tap Click Click." They return the favor on "Alabama." The song, not the state.
Who: The Sammies
When: August 26th thru September 7th
Where: The South, through Florida, and up to New York City

Who part two: The Sammies are from North Carolina, a state famous for furniture, hoisery, tobacco, and college basketball. We played with them only once, somewhere in Ohio, a state famous for heavy metal and LeBron James. There were sound issues, pedal problems, and much scowling. They were unhappy. We, on the other hand, were incredibly impressed. If that's a bad show, I'm really excited about two weeks of good ones. Also: their website: quite fancy.
Who: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
When: September 7th thru September 18th
Where: New England, New York, perhaps Canada

Who part two: We met SSLYBY at our CD release show back in April. Sadly, during said show, I was rather enebriated, so I didn't have a chance to hang out, chat, and massage their little indie-rock noggins, but there will be time. 11 days, to be exact. And yes, what a name. It's enough to make me love Boris Yeltsin for no concrete reason.
Who: Catfish Haven
When: September 7th thru September 18th
Where: New England, New York, perhaps Canada

Who part two: As you may or may not have noticed, the Catfish Haven dates are identical to the SSLYBY dates. That's because we're going to be a three-headed hydra of rock-death. These boys sound kind of like Otis Redding----all motowny goodness, female back-up singers, trumpets, the works. Definately a one-of-a-kind sound these days. They're the only band we have yet to play with, although their bassist stopped by for a visit in Chicago last time around when this whole tour was just a sleep-deprived hallucination so I can't vouch for their live show, but the album just sounds like it kicks ass live. I may just wear a dress & stick my mop up in a beehive & do a little background singing yet.
So, that's everyone. Well, not quite. There'll be local openers here & there and, of course, there's that show where we're opening for Queensryche, but otherwise, that's it.


Gasoline Hobo said...

you know what goes good with Queensryche?


well, except maybe Jefferson Starship. that said, i think you guys could pull it off. but i'd recommend wearing false beards.

i think you should definitely do the dress thing. perhaps a nice mumu with a floral pattern, or were you thinking more along the lines of slinky evening gown, studded with sequins, ready to be draped over pianos?

birdmonster said...

DEFINATELY the latter. Lot's of faux-sexy, breathy vocals too. I'll look nice & disturbing if I haven't shaven for weeks. World's worst pre-op: yours truly.

jeffro said...

at the QR show, make sure to tell Geoff Tate to return my leather pants. that bastard borrowed them and started committing all sorts of mindcrimes and stuff.

Gasoline Hobo said...

wear fishnets. leg hair tufting (yes, i just made a new verb) through that stuff will complete the look. and you may want to carry a handbag with some sort of rhinestone cat on it.

JAX said...

I hope Manowar is on that bill....

There is magic in the METAL...

there is metal is us ALL>

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