Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lizards. Whigs. No Torries.

Having been frightened silly by innumerable local
news exposes featuring black lights, glowing
stains, and glowering news casters, we've made it
a habit to strip the comforters off the beds
immediately upon entering our motel room each
night. It's a good ritual, I think. I stand behind it.
The problem is, sometimes, there's a gecko in the

Now, granted: this is a rare event. But it's rather
unsettling. Not unlike the three bears, I'd prefer
my bed unselpt in. And sure, a gecko's better than,
say, a dead hooker, but neither one is preferable.
Couple that with shoe-sized roaches in a closet
-sized bathroom and it's safe to say we will not be
returning to the Tallahassee Budget Inn.

I would, however, return to Tallahassee.
Surprisingly delectable pizza, a great venue, and
phenomenal amounts of Spanish Moss are all good
things. And, no, the show wasn't one of the...most
well attended shows of the tour thus far, but it
was certainly one of our favorites. Why, you might
ask? (Or if not, I'll ask for you). Well, sometimes,
regardless of size, there's just something special
going on. A good aura, if you will. And before you
break out the pachouli and Phish albums, I'll try
and explain.

Actually, I really can't. Some combination of the
club, the Sammies, and the Whigs, a couple nights
off, a good dinner, and, to paraphrase that one
National song, being on a good mixture and not
wanting to waste it, well, it just did the trick.

I need to mention the supreme butt-whooping
glory that was the Whigs. If they come to your
town, go. Bring friends. Bring enemies and make
them your friends. We did the ol' CD trade and,
after the show they put on, I wouldn't've cared if
their album was all armpit noises and kazoos. For
better or worse, it isn't. It's epic, their show is
high energy and fun, and, like I said: check them
out. As highly recommended as a brandy milk punch
on a sunny afternoon.

Off to Georgia now. Bring on the peaches.

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Steve said...

Two best new live acts I've seen this year are you guys and the Whigs. I'd kill to see that double bill come to NYC.