Thursday, June 22, 2006

Zach's Doubtful Guest


Rachael said...

so rockstar

Gasoline Hobo said...

gorey is rad.

Megan said...


molerat said...

It betrayed a great liking for peering up flues / And for peeling the soles of its white canvas shoes

wiggs said...

awesome zach. quite original. love edward gorey. can't believe that's your first tattoo. hope y'all are enjoying the midwest. it's probably hot. catch any lightning bugs? that's my favorite childhood tennessee/ohio summer memory. that and sudden lightning storms on a 90degree day. hope to catch a show back on the west coast this summer.

AnJaka said...

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birdmonster said...

To all (besides anjaka, whose face I have devoured in righteous glory): I concur with the sentiments of radness.

Wiggs: See the latest post. Lightning bugs are just about the coolest animal on the planet. Which is impressive for an insect. Them and penguins. And hippos. But not horses. Horses frighten me. Unless a small man in funny clothes is riding them and I have money on a boxed exacta and I'm screaming "run, bitch, run."

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