Friday, June 09, 2006

Video, Schmideo

So, I've been waiting to put this up for a couple days, so much so that I'd been refreshing a certain blog roughly four thousand times a day, like some demented lab rat. Over at Stereogum, they were nice enough to post a video-project we've been working on with the gentleman & scholar known only as Greg Crane. Plus, our silly yammerings are now elsewhere on the ol' internets. And I got to make fun of Sisqo, which really isn't very nice, but is, in fact, always funny. That's a proven scientific fact. Thankfully, they put Zach's name on it, so when Sisqo's army of died-hair thugs come after us, I'll survive the onslaught. And yes, I just sold our drummer down the river. Sorry, man. You are the strongest among us. If it comes down to a knock-down, drag-out rumble, I'll kick crotches, necks, and knees for you. I'll bite too. And I got sharp teeth.


willo said...

hi boys! fyi the stereogum link is a typo.

hope you're having a fun time so far on the road! the night you're playing cleveland you'll be simultaneously missing my gigantic birthday + decade in SF party - so sad you won't be here with us - but thrilled you're on tour and probably having the time of your life. cheers! xoxo

birdmonster said...

Willo: God bless. SteroGum is the new hotness, by the way.

Have a phenomenal party.

Anonymous said...

That was cool, but I couldn't help pining for an epileptic fit during the video so I could sue you. I imagined two scenarios:
1 - I win the lawsuit and am awarded your net worth of $45. No one feels that bad about it because we all agree that is about how much you all owe me in the first place for not (as of yet) allowing me to sell off your families.
2 - I win the lawsuit, but because you are insolvent I am awarded all of your families, whom I promptly sell. I net $43 off the fire sale. No one is really entirely satisfied with this outcome.

Sandisoverrated said...

hey you wouldn't by any chance be able to get me on a guestlist for BFD would you? The problem is, i dont have 40 dollars for a ticket. But I do have 15 or 10 for a pretty birdmonster shirt/

Gasoline Hobo said...

that video is so awesome that i shit an owl.

zara said...

I LURVE the video! It gave me chills, and I too, nearly shit an owl. I miss my weekly BM doses. Have a fantastic time on yer tour - see you upon your arrival back home!

zara said...

Lurve is the stupidest word I've ever used. Kinda like "stupidest" but worse.

Anonymous said...

Back yet again, anonymously, since sign-ins are impossible on the road.

Gasoline Hobo: wipe that owl off and send us a letter, Harry Potter style. Accio dorkdom.

Sandisoverrated: didn't get this before BFD (slaps head), but I know you craigslisted though. Next time. I owe you freeness for a haiku anyway.

Zara: thanks for the lurve. Isn't that where the Mona Lisa's at?

Gasoline Hobo said...

sorry, but i ate the owl.

all future correspondence will be via the FREEDOM EAGLE.