Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Three days until complete panic

Did I mention that I got my accordion? Of course, to call what I purchased an accordion is like calling an Ibanez a guitar or saying that Arby's serves edible roast beef. In other words, it's a stretch of the highest order. Instead of visiting music stores or going antiquing, I decided to drop into a toy store down the street from the ol' day job, where they had a Hohner child's toy accordion capable of about two chords and no notes that are either sharp or flat. So, basically, I got a squeaky two octave accordion that can yelp along with white-keyed piano ditties. $20 well spent, I'm sure you'll agree. The best part was the duet I did with a six year old when I was buying it. You've never heard percussion genius until you've heard a first grader play drums through plastic packaging. Trust me.

This week, us birdmonsters are trying desperately to avoid forgetting important loose ends before flying to the Right Coast. Personally, I need a haircut & some new pants. But also packing, laundering, and finding Sir Patrick a foster garage are important, if not boring, tasks that need doing. We're good at that last-minute, pseudo-procrastinated rush to action so I have the utmost faith, but, innevitably, I forget something that seems unimportant on paper but ends up being quite necessary. Like deoderant. Sorry plane neighbor. I'll remember this time.

Otherwise: I have a request. I finished the book I was reading & need something new. Maybe somethings, emphasis on the plural. It should be fun, addictive, and long, something that will make me cackle on the plane so that, beyond the lack of deoderant, I'll also be giddy and wild-eyed. In fact, I'm not going to shave either. I see a security point strip search in my future.

And need I remind you that BFD is this Saturday? And that there's an East Coast tour after that? No. But I did.


snoflingor said...

How 'bout a coloring contest?


Anonymous said...

the curious incident of the dog in the night time.

chikunjen said...

we gots books honey. and goods grammers. come and get it

Sandisoverrated said...

A heartbreaking work of staggering genius by dave eggers, the title speaks for itself. Or the beach by alex garland are both great books.

Jon Klein said...

Ready, Set, Grow!: A What's Happening to My Body Book for Younger Girls by Lynda Madaras.

Gasoline Hobo said...

Have you read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? If not, you need to. Best 5 book trilogy ever written. You may also want to check out Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Not quite as much with the funny, but it has Viking Gods in it, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

Also, Snow Crash is pretty good. Here are some excerpts:

Hitchhiker's Guide:

American Gods:

Snow Crash:

birdmonster said...

Gasoline Hobo: I've actually read the Gaiman but not Hitchhiker's Guide. If you like both of those, read "Good Omens," which is a book written by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchet, this droll British dude who writes fantasy parodies, which, by the way, are way better than the phrase "fantasy parody" implies. Never heard of this Snow Crash though...*follows link*

Steven R. said...

JPod by Douglas Coupland:


Gasoline Hobo said...

Snow Crash is pretty awesome, but I like the "sequel" Diamond Age a bit better. His writing improved quite a bit. If you're as huge a nerd as I am, and you have a lot of time to kill on a set of books about the Enlightenment, you should check out the Baroque Cycle:


P.S.: I would never buy a sausage from CMOT Dibbler, and I think "Best of Queen" would be an awesome band name. ;)

Sandisoverrated said...

Just ignore heartbreaking work why dont you?! When you read it, some day, you will say "I should've listened, because this book is amazing." Just you wait.