Monday, May 01, 2006

Home today, gone tomorrow; and also, some pictures

Before I get down to doing the mid-tour laundry, packing my hobo bindle, and purchasing replacement chords, picks, strings, and the like (fyi: beer spills and instrument cables don't mix), I'm going to make good on my promise of picture-y goodness from a half week ago. And you thought I'd forgotten. Have some faith.

Just so we're clear: these aren't all the pictures, nor even the best ones (okay, I lie, I did manage to find my absolute favorite), but for the time being, hopefully they'll solidify the epicness of the castle and provide you with a chuckle or two on this Monday morning.

I should of course mention that we're playing with Art Brut tonight at the Great American (SF) and then heading out of the gas-guzzling-est tour in Birdmonster history starting tomorrow morning. Let it be known: Houston to San Diego is 1500 miles and we have a day and a half to do it. Odds of me going Vincent Dinofrio in Full Metal Jacket at some point in that drive: three to one.

Anyway, please check the tour page for upcoming shows if you're so inclined. Also, if you see our old van in LA, please light it on fire, as, for some reason, the DMV still thinks it's ours and is putting liens on my assets. But ha! The jokes on them. I have no assets.

Alright. Here's the castle exterior at 2:30 in the morning, the night we arrived:

...which led, naturally, to swordplay:

This is actually a typical room. Notice the armor and the animal noggins, as well as the thoroughly kick-ass doorway...

The following day, there was much wiffelball to be had. Brett through at heads. His pants were covered in feces

Peter with the original Division Day guitarist:

That's good for now. Plus, I'm really behind on that whole van-cleaning/laundry-doing/stuff-buying plot. See you shortly, we hope.


zara said...

Yo pics aren't working :(

emmy said...

You don’t have permission to open this page.
You don’t have permission to view “Castle Ext.jpg”.


birdmonster said...

MAAAAN, that's weak. Allow me to fiddle with the web feebly. Check back in 30.

birdmonster said...

Ok. I'm a moron. Or, more importantly, I was a moron. Pics up in ten.

birdmonster said...

That was really hard for me. But success is ours.

Roofball Champion of the World said...

You should also know that in a 3 day period you will be traveling from 0 elevation to 5280 feet in elevation. Its not quite as good as stat as miles driven, but I just thought I would remind you where you were going.