Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello again

My first work Monday in over a month happened to come on the heels of Bay to Breakers, which, if you don't know, is a day-long drinking binge disguised as a cross-city race that Kenyan folks always win. So I'm a little groggy. Tecate is a friend you do not betray.

We revisted our house-party roots this past Saturday, playing to a horde of Santa Cruz-ians who represented a variety of political and hygenic leanings. And let me tell you: they danced. Not the "I'm occasionally bobbing my head" dance favored by many a hipster, but full fledged bouncing, pogoing, and high-quality spazzing favored by the energetic, the innebriated, and the energetically innebriated. Any time you're invited to play a house with home-brewed beer, chickens, and an empty living room, you play it. That's the rule. It's in the book they give you when you first start touring, right after chapter 4: "If you must go fast food, just don't go Arby's." I'd show it to you, but it's like that book they give dead people in Beatlejuice; if you saw it, the whole balance of the universe would be upset.

Ok, so I'm babbling. It's because we've got a mellow week ahead of us as we book shows for the future, have a few loose practices, and deal with my first full work of gainful employment in a while. Should be fun. If you're around the city on Friday, come out and join us at 330 Rich, do a little dancing, and see some Birdmonster. If not, eat something pizza and watch Omega Man. You'll be happy you did.


Webb said...

And if you can't watch Omega Man, watch The Omega Code. You'll be happy you did, but you may also be suicidal.

birdmonster said...

What IS this movie? Not that I need death-wishes, I'm just all excitable now.

It BETTER have Heston in it.

Webb said...

It has a guy that looks a lot like Heston. Peep the trailor (which I think cost more to make than the actual movie) for part 2 here:

Really, don't bother to see the first one, just see Meggido: The Omega Code. Its worth whatever amount you have to pay. I promise.

birdmonster said...

Apparently, that movie is loved by protestant pastors everywhere. Or so Google told me. However, if it sucks at good as it looks like it does, sign. Me. Up.