Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who else? Encylopedia Brown. He was cool. At least compared to the Hardy Boys

There's this hideous noise in my office. It sounds like someone is making keys in our vents. Or maybe, as my coworker suggested, abating some asbestos. Let's hope it's the former. Either way, it's invading my brain. It's like some really cruel psychology experiment, one where they stick people in a place that's boring and painful, then slowly torture them while they're there. Basically, it's Chinese water torture while someone unseen plays every Enya album in succession, with the volume slightly louder each song.

Anyway, that's the noise that's been torturing me for the last few hours. And between that and work and the fact that yesterday in Birdmonster world was fairly uneventful, I was planning on not writing silly things in the blog. Until we found this. Granted, it's a pretty wimpy entry, but none of the birdmonsters wrote it, so it's kind of cool to see. If anyone feels like adding something genius, be my guest. You're next Encylopedia Britanica. I know where you live.

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