Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Against my better judgement and deepest desires, I'm here at work while our CD is deplaning in Oakland. Why? Because I'm a sap. I could bore you with the reasons---mostly involving "escalated workload" and other euphamisms for "our department is royally screwed"---but I think the most blunt & eloquent of those reasons is "I'm a sap."

Thankfully, I'm a wily sap. I'll be leaving at noon thirty to go bask in the splendor that is our first LP in boxes and boxes all over our house, and then, after the basking is over, I'll be stuffing them into envelopes and schlepping them to the post office. Because, as cool as thousands of Birdmonster CDs on our floor will look, tons of them in the mail will look a whole lot better. The thing is, that's three hours away. Right now, I need to try to not obsess over this any more and just log in a few hours of indentured servitude. I'll be back, when the expectant nervousness has turned turned to girlish giddiness.


Rachael said...

so excited :) girlish giddiness is my speciality!

birdmonster said...

Mine too.

Sasha said...

You guys need a street team. Oh, wait. I think I'm part of it already, unknowingly.

I emailed a gazillion friends the article in the Chronicle, plus news of the new CD, plus all the blog links to the new songs. They are all loving it and thanking me for my excellent musical taste. So, it's really a selfish act, 'cuz I get a pat on the back.

Can't wait to get the new CD. Next up: you need to visit the East Coast. Virgina is for birdmonster!

birdmonster said...

Virginia. I've always wanted to go there. I really just want to sing that Band song with the words "Ol' Virginny" in it. I'm evil like that.

And of course: thanks a million for spreading the good word. Can't tell you how much.