Monday, March 27, 2006

One more song...

In addition to Myspace and Music for Robots (which I noted below), Gorilla Vs. Bear posted a song too. The love spreads. Thanks to both and all.


red rose chain said...

absolutely love 'Balcony'. It's a gem of a song, and I'm so looking forward to this album. If the whole album sounds as good as this bad boi, which so far it does (and all the blogs that are whorin you sing praises) then you guys will have no choice but to come to Scotland 'cause I'll NEED to hear these tunes live.

red rose chain said...

whoring in a good way. No Syphilis or Herpes involved..


birdmonster said...

Scotland, eh? I'm there. We're just 400,000 CDs away from the BirdJet. Sarcasm aside, we have cross-Atlantic dreams, but east-coast America is the next thing on our docket. Thanks for the kind words though---and, just so you know, all blogs have the clap, so I'd recommend washing your hands after you read this.