Thursday, March 09, 2006

Finally, finally, finally

See that link to our myspace page, over there on the right? It's underneath that picture of us looking excited and sort of confused, staring at a mixing board. Yup. Right there. Ok, you should click on that. Please. I know I'm getting a bit bossy, but it's for good reason, I promise.

That reason? New songs. Hence the title of this post. Listening to those will be far superior to reading whatever my flu-ridden, pseudo-aware brain can remember about last night.

...but, you must understand, I need something to do too. We're stuck in this car today for as long as we can handle it, which means somewhere in Texas. Big Spring is an option. I have no Texas knowhow, mind you, but it's a pretty big dot on this road atlas. There's also a Noodle, TX, but I'm pretty sure I'd be dissapointed if their mayor wasn't made of ravioli, which he probably isn't. I can't deal with that kind of
anguish. Point is, it's a long way from Tucson to Dallas, so we're just gonna drive until we start hallucinating.

So, Tucson: I can't say I saw too much of it, honestly, as we played at the Club Congess, which was like this self-sustaining bomb shelter you never have to leave. They had a restaurant, a bar, a venue, and a hotel all under the same roof---and, like good birdmonsters, we used all four. The rooms were free, too, and there were actually enough beds that no one had to sleep in the bathtub...this time. We got to play with the Heavenly States, which somehow we'd never done back home. They were

Speaking of Bay Area bands, we heard this morning that Film School's van got stolen in Pennsylvania. If you run across the culprits, please, kick them in the throat or groin. You can also give the band a few bucks to help them out, which I'm sure they'd appreciate.

And now, get out of here. Listen to those songs and let us know what you think.

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red rose chain said...

Listening to the new songs on the myspace page as I type
=D they are making me happppppy.
Well worth the (very long) wait =p
I can't decide if I like 'No Midnight' or 'Bar' better. All are fantastic though.
Seems like the tour is goin goodgood. Have fun :)

Sasha said...

Funny! I think "Cuz You Can" is THE song. Wow. Great, great song. I can't stop listening to it.

Don't know too much about the band, but one thing is really great (among others): the guitar player(s?) has a very distinctive sound. Something about the tone...but I dunno, I'm not a guitar player. I just think it's very, very good. Not overdone. Okay, back to listening.

Wait. Must say: very cool for you guys to post these songs.

Caitlin said...

and the others too, of course.
Just wonderful, guys. Now, go tip a cow.

birdmonster said...

Thank you, everybody. That's quite nice of y'all...y'all? Texas is rubbing off.