Friday, March 10, 2006

An explanation

Last night we ate at a rather spicy and rejuvinating Tex Mex place in...Arizona? New Mexico? I don't know. It's fairly safe to assume I'll never eat there again, although enchilidas with a egg on them: the bee's knees.

Any way, on the way out of that place, there were those supermarket-y things with the plastic bubbles filled with shit you don't need for quarters you'll just lose anyway, and I decided to buy something. I was hoping for the necklace with the weed leaf made out of plastic diamonds or one of those sticky hands that ends up covered in cheezit crumbs. Instead I got some plastic teeth that tasted like putting a garbage bag
in your mouth. Below, and perhaps against my better judgement, is a photograph of my extremely intelligent purchase.
...sent via sidecrack...


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