Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well, we made it.

It turns out there are other people in the world. I remembered this last night at our free Mezzanine show, which left me with a big fat grin, a few dead nerves in my pinkie, and quiet inklings of tinnitus. After all, us four birdmonsters have been quarantined in LA for three works, spending time only with each other and Brad. If we were women, we’d’ve been menstruating simultaneously. At any rate, it was good to get back into the real world and back to San Francisco, which, regardless of where you’re coming from, is a great place to come home to. My umbrella, it missed me.

As for the birdvan, she’s sorry she couldn’t make it home. She tried. She really did. But an exploding radiator and an apparent allergy to transmission fluid kept her down in Los Angeles, where she will no doubt be donated to charity with a floor full of crushed Cheez-its, crumbled t-shirts, and food of questionable age. We’ll miss you darling. Au revoir.

So, thus begins the later half of our album-making experience. Mixes will be transported through the wilderness of cyberspace and sent back down to Brad with our cogent, genius commentary, then sent back to us, then back to Brad, and so on: apply, rinse, lather, repeat, ad nauseum, until the album is done. It sounds like a good reason to stare at the computer and to get my iPod fixed. I’m sure you’ll agree.

As the mixing lopes along, I plan on updating the blog, perhaps with a few old pictures, and hopefully linking a song for streaming when it’s properly mixed. It’ll be fun, I promise. As for now, I’m just happy to be in my own bed, not mooching off the generous couches of LoCal-ers. Now, if only I could figure out what happened to all that money I left with…

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