Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I think we should all write poems. Give it a try

So, yeah. It's Valentine's day. You can write it off as a Hallmark holiday or be bitter that all you've got this year is your extensive porno collection, but, I choose to look at it like Christmas. Sure it's commercialized and borderline ludricrous, but it's still a good reason to spread some love around, right? And, like a true romantic, Birdmonster uses poetry to spread it's unending adoration. Finding it impossible to remember the rhyme scheme of a Petrucian sonnet, we have chosen instead to go for a timeless haiku.

To Brad, our platonic valentine, who's doubtless in front of his computer as I type:

Tell Buddy hello;
We miss that little fuzzer;
At least my check cleared*

Well. Master Basho is surely rolling in his grave.

At any rate, with more seriousness, we do want to send our thanks to Brad. The man is a godsend, a perfectionist who loves clamorous rock and roll, and who works harder in one day than I do in an entire work week. We salute you.

By virtue of the gentleman I just serenaded with impeccable poetic panache, we received our third finished mix yesterday. The song he finished is Ice Age, which is my favorites to play live, both because it's a pretty & kind of odd song, and also because I don't have to play anything for the first sixty seconds & I usually could really use a beer by the time we're playing it. It's the only song I've ever heard with buttery cello and what almost sounds like a cattle round-up at the end. And you think I'm kidding.

* for the sake of this poem, let's agree that "cleared" is one syllable, okay? Great.

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