Friday, February 10, 2006

Back in email watching mode. In fact, these next 2 weeks may well scar my retinas permanently. Where’s the next song? I ask myself as I filter through myspace friend requests, spam, random well-wishes & returned emails from folks whose sloppy mailing list entries left us guessing. Oh well. We’ll all be cyborgs soon, so I’m just getting a head start.

The nice thing is Balcony is done. Really done. There it is. My iTunes says “Balcony FINAL” and that’s something I’ve been waiting to see since I bought that melodica at the garage sale down the street. It was either that or buy that old dude’s vibraphone, but I didn’t have $400 cash to drop on someone’s driveway, so I went with the mouth piano. At any rate, we’re nearer every day to a finished product and nearer to letting one of these tracks out of the bag for one and all. So I’m not complaining. I get to sit here, listening to BAGeL radio, babbling into this here blog, and scheming like a supervillian. Not complaining in the slightest.

Of course, recent and upcoming events don’t and won’t necessarily lend themselves to exciting reading, but I’ll do my best. There’s only so long I can keep your interest while typing about staring at a computer. Hell, that’s what you’re doing. This is about songs, goddamnit. I’ll continue scheming so that the next post can be rife with the wonders of Birdmonster. Rife, I say. Or rather, I said. Either way.

Hey. I should mention this too:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER! I owe you a cupcake. If not two.

Next time...the album title? New pictures? A summary of the recent events in Tehran? You never know. Until then.


Dahlgren's Daddy said...

Buona natale!

Are you the freakin' old man of the group?

Dahlgren's Daddy

Peter said...

I prefer: the "mature" man of the group. Someone has to make sure Justin showers and David doesn't eat small children...

-p diddy